A juried online exhibition organized by the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community

Deconstruct to Reconstruct

Jennifer Zaylea

Work Description

A series of hand-drawn graphic scores seen anew in augmented reality.

NOTE: Please download the “LayAR” app  to your phone or tablet in order to experience the augmented reality aspect of the work. Using the app, just scan the image on the computer screen with your  phone/tablet camera and it will do the rest.

The augmented reality layers question the legitimacy of language/composition and the intention of those who legitimize it (seen metaphorically through the principles of formal compositional notation versus the experimental nature of graphic notation). Derrida, speaking about language and following from Martin Heidegger, calls for a “critical re-evaluation of the relationship between text and meaning.” This work is meant to offer such a re-evaluation.

Artist Bio
Jennifer Zaylea is an artist and educator teaching new media, sound, film and sculpture at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Jennifer works with new media installations as the foundation for her creative practice. Her work is uniquely tactile and designed using various forms of technology, from micro-controllers to augmented reality. The works resulting form manifests in many mediums including experimental drawn scores, interactive sound installations, multimodal poetry, and interactive glitch video. Jennifer is interested in actively questioning the paradigm of language and the classification system that has arisen from it, primarily the ways in which language can be altered or minimized in an effort to subvert classification systems. Jennifer appreciates the latitude afforded her practice when working in a multimedia format.